Wed. May 25th, 2022

Samsung Gain Access On iPhone 4S Firmware, Drops The Plan Of iPhone 4S Sales Ban

The day before, it was reported that Samsung on full try to get ban on the sales of iPhone 4S in Korea, as the Korean Company has already filed out the application to the jury, for the preliminary ban on the iPhone 4S. As the company already requested court to force Apple to give the access on iPhone 4S firmware file, in order to make their case more stronger than Apple. Samsung reportedly also asked Apple to provide the carriers contract deals information to the carrier, in order to check out the industry damage fine.

However, with today’s morning, it appears that Samsung has changed his mind on banning the sale of iPhone 4S in the main land of their company. The company has announced that they will not request to ban the sales of iPhone 4S in the South Korea. Samsung and Apple both big competitors are engaged in fighting with each other for a long time on the patent’s infringement. Apple has already imposed preliminary injunctions against the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Australia.

Samsung is one of the main backbones of Apple in providing the key components of iOS devices in the development of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As reported by the publisher, Samsung had literally won the access on Apple’s iPhone 4S firmware, the Samsung engineer got access on Apple’s latest iPhone 4S firmware for more than 2 hours, to check and made the report stronger. In short, you can expect more copied features of iOS in the upcoming Samsungs powered Android device.