Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Samsung Executive Confirms iPhone 5 To Carry NFC Technology

Earlier today we have come a crossed to the news that Samsung is planning to sue Apple as soon as they reach the land of Korea with their new generation iPhone 5, the report comes to us from the Korea Times, where a unnamed Samsung executive speaks confidently that his company soon going to drag the Apple in the court of Korea.

According to the executive claim, Samsung going to sue Apple for violating its patent in the iPhone 5, and therefore they will drag down Apple into court to clear the case and pay them for the use of their patent. The senior executive says that Samsung will sue them for violating their wireless technology patent, but he didn’t stop here, along with all of this thing he also confirmed couple of iPhone 5 Specifications.

In his talk with Korea Times , he tells that Apple’s new smartphone to carry an LG display, an LG Innotek 8 megapixel camera, and an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip. He also confirmed that Apple has still use Samsung made A5-Processor in iPhone 5. We are damn sure that the upcoming lawsuit from Samsung over iPhone 5 will be on the base of some trade agreement or else. In the couple of weeks we have many time hear that iPhone 5 might carry the NFC technology, once from the Apple’s employees that iPhone 5 will carry wireless payment protocol.