Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Samsung currently working on a 2GHz Dual – Core Processor for upcoming Smartphones

PC’s & SmartPhones are getting faster day by day and what’s great is that their price always remains almost the same. Repeatedly release of 1Ghz smartphone made the people bored…. but Samsung cared about the world and started to work on a 2GHz Processor and promised to release it by the coming year. If you calculate the processors in a technical way, the processor is going to have 2GHz for each core while current 1GHz is multiplied into two cores. Currently we guys are handling the speed of 1GHz by ARM which has a dual core Cortex A9 and the upcoming release for this is the Samsung Galaxy S2.

This news was published in ” Maeli Business Newspaper “. After reading this many question’s will arise in your mind, but one question is going to be tough ?? Will this release be limited to their own corporation and the Answer is No because according to business rules your competitor should be at your level 😉

via [ Zahipedia ]