Sat. May 21st, 2022

Samsung Appeared As Sole Supplier Of Retina Display For New iPad

Since the next-generation iPad rumors started, we have been continuously hearing a lot of crap rumors from the rumor-mills around the Apple’s iPad supply chain, who claimed that Apple was in full try to avoid Samsung this year for the production of the new iPad, and opted other display makers to provide the display data to the Cupertino Company for the development of the next-generation iPad. However, it was also rumored that Apple is investing a heavy money in Sharp Inc, and will soon replace the Samsung orders with Sharp, and become it a sole supplier for the new iPads display panel.

But now according to the Bloomberg report highlighting the comment from HIS iSuppli analyst Vinita Jakhanwal, Samsung is currently only the sole supplier of display panels for the next-generation iPad to the Apple, means the new Retina Display for the next-generation iPad is also come from the Samsung, while the LG Display, and Sharp are under the axe of Apple, as the Sharp didn’t’ meets with the requirements of Apple for the next-generation iPad, and as well as played an important role in the new design of the new-generation iPad.

In the last few rumors from the industry, hinted that Apple completely drops the Samsung from its board and ahead to the Sharp display for the next-generation iPad, but now it is appeared that Sharp only provided the managed design changes idea to the Apple, while the Samsung remains the sole supplier of Retina Display panels for the new-generation iPad. Samsung is now appeared to be a key manufacturing partner of Apple, in the production of the new iPad.

On the other hand, there was also rumored that the Sharp display doesn’t meet with the demands, and currently not participated in the production of iPad, but with the new claim, it is reported that Sharp has also played an important role. Samsung is known for its flat-screens, but currently it is busy in the legal battles with Apple over the patent disputes.