Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Now You Can Run Android Apps On Apple’s iPad

In case if you have lost in the tech world, but still having an iPad or iPad 2, according to a new report now you can do the really unholy thing on your iOS based tablet, a new porting project allows you to run android apps on your iOS based tablets. Alien Dalvik, a port of the Dalvik virtual machine, which allows to execute android based applications on different platforms, the team has just announced today the upcoming version of their tool will include the support for the Apple’s iPad and allow users to run Android apps on iOS iPad.

Well this is an awesome opportunity to kick both platform applications on the single device, and especially on the device which was popular due to its security and protection of data.  The team has said the users will be able to download and run Android based applications and games on iOS tablet. The concept of the port is, they will wrap each Android app into their virtual machine, so it will act as you are running an library app for other apps.


Running an Android app on Apple branded tablet is not actually awesome thing, because Apple iOS device has already hell of apps, which support the complete functionality of the devices and to run them user won’t have to perform any additional task such as Jailbreak. According to our study, if the port ever happens than it will come through the jailbreak door, because Apple will not accept their request to get their app inside the Apple Store. As far as we have learn about the new project the project will not completely support the device because of platform difference, there must be some hiccups during running the apps on iPad. Stay tuned as the team promised to show off Alien Dalvik 2.0 running third-party Android apps on iPad 2 at CTIA 2011 next week.


via (SlashGear)