Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Roller Journal Bring Some Interesting Questions On iPhone

We have seen many smart-phone devices are fast coming into the Journalism field, as they provide a quick look to web, and as well as provide the couple of mind blowing fast services to journalists that help them in get their self updated with the current affairs, and help them in creating mind boggling questions to ask in front of media. However, many analyst firms have independently confirmed that the iPhone and iPad devices are rapidly taking over the market among other technology devices, as we have also heard many success reports from journalists who are freely working on the iOS devices.

Many popular applications and powerful services are already out there to provide you amazing experience of journalism and blogging on the devices, and especially the iPad devices are already replacing notebooks, and PC systems at wide. iPad popularity is not unknown to us; we know that it is the currently product that boosts Apple sales and helps them into climbing up as a top PC vendor of the world.

Today, a new application makes itself to the App Store named “Roller Journal,” and aims to bring some fun to your journalism as it produces the efficient interface on your device, and as well as bloom your mind with a startup question from the application such as “What’s the best thing you read recently?” or “What impressed you today?” In another way, the application helps you to learn more things about your own self.


Features include:

  • Share your questions and answers with friends so you can journal together
  • Find out about your journaling habits: see when you journal most and more
  • Timeline of a question; see how your answers have changed to the same question over time.
  • Passcode lock for privacy
  • Backup to Dropbox to keep your information safe
  • Set a reminder so you can journal regularly
  • Overview to see your journal entries

Roller Journal is currently launched in the App Store worldwide with a little price tag of $1.99, and is meanwhile only available for the iPhone / iPod touch users. Roller Journal puts another spin on random journalism applications out there for iOS devices, and as well as look promising for the users.