Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

RIM To Announce Updated BlackBerry 7.1 & PlayBook OS 2

In the occasion of CES 2012, the Research in Motion also tries to bet its future, and announces that company is planning to introduce the updated version of its Playbook OS in this year, as well as the company is on the way to introduce the new BlackBerry 7.1 software to compete with the market. So, if you are a BlackBerry fan, hold your heart and wait for the company to unveil its upcoming product.

Playbook OS 2
In addition to CES moment, RIM also announces that they will preview its upcoming Operating System for the PlayBook in the upcoming trade show, which begins from Tuesday. According to the announcement, RIM will allow PlayBook owners to download the OS for free in Feburary this year. The new PlayBook OS 2 to feature the new functions which allow BlackBerry devices to act like a keyboard and mouse with other devices. RIM is said to be preview the new social feature of Playbook OS 2 named “Bridge” in the trade show.

Recently, in the past RIM criticized for repeatedly delaying the launch of BlackBerry 7.1 software, and now finally RIM again announced that they will launch the OS finally, with the couple of new features and updates to BBM Messagin, BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Travel apps. The company is already going from the lowest market cap, and on the edge with their products in tech community.