Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Reuters: iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector, Relocated Head-Phone Jack, September Launch

iPhone 5 mini dock

It appears mainstream media has just received a hint on the iPhone 5 specifications and hardware changes over iPhone 4S design. Reuter appears to be much confident while reporting on the upcoming iPhone 5 profile. They have just confirmed the circulating rumors of the community with a report claiming next iPhone 5 will come with a 19-pin dock connector, and appeared to be confident on their words. However, in the community, many have claimed the same but citing along the upcoming iPhone 5 cases from the case makers, not by some insider report over the iPhone 5 design details.

iPhone 5 mini dock

In the number of recent reports, we have learned the upcoming iPhone 5 is appeared to be carrying a slimmer profile than iPhone 4S with new in-cell technology of a front panel which eliminates the need of the extra touch panel over the LCD. In addition to this profiling of next-gen iPhone 5, we have also heard in iPhone 5, Apple going to change the default location of the head-jack from top to bottom, next to the mini dock connector of 19-pins, and the grilled speakers for better output quality.

In Reuters report, they have claimed the significant change of dock connector in the upcoming iPhone 5 design will bring a big opportunity for the accessory makers of iOS devices, as they will get a chance to rebrand every accessory for the forthcoming device, and users will also keen to get new accessories with iPhone 5 launch.

Apple launched the 30-pins dock connector with the launch of 3rd generation iPod in 2003, and since the launch of 30-pins connector, every device comes with it, and Apple kills the demand of extra accessories for the iOS devices in users view, but this time, everything going to change a bit with launch of iPhone 5 in the market.

WE have most recently heard the device is currently in the production phase, and will come as early as September 21, on Friday.