Fri. May 27th, 2022

Retina Display Of iPad 3 Leaked

Going through any revelation, the retina display is being made by Samsung and the pictures which are obtained are from Samsung’s production plant in Wujiang City, Radiant Opto-Electronics LCM sector. 9to5Mac after scratching there sources got images of the retina display being packed at Samsung.The Chinese forum claims

Radiant internal, iPad3 screen code J2, and these products are the name of the logo of Samsung Electronics, and even sealed box tape has the logo of Samsung Electronics. After the product is packaged, will pass through customs shipped to South Korea’s Samsung headquarters, provided by Samsung to the Apple! Have been identified, Radiant Opto-Electronics Wujiang plant a total of four iPad3 real machine security measures are too tight, you can not take to iPad3 photos carefully observed, but, according to broke people, iPad3 appearance and iPad2 basically the same, only different iPad3 positive border than iPad2 much narrower, and the volume keys iPad3 no!

They also said that the internal security is very high and thats why the picture is of bad quality.