Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Reportedly iPhone 5 To Features A 4.6-inch Display [RUMOR]

The era of iPad 3 rumors is pretty over now, moving ahead to this year’s next biggest product from Apple – the sixth-generation iPhone 5. It is reported now that Apple is planning to launch its new sixth-generation iPhone 5 with a larger screen size. The larger screen size rumor is not new; we have been hearing this rumor from last two years, but the sources over the Reuters have totally shocks the community with their report regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 bigger screen. Reuter citing with his sources claimed that Apple is preparing an iPhone for this year with a larger display screen of 4.6-inches.

The Reuters source surely produces a wave in the industry with a significant change in the news with the number of 4.6-inch display coming to the upcoming iPhone, while it was reported by the sources from the last year that the device is coming with 4-inch display Last year, the sources over the China confirm widely that Apple had been testing an updated model of iPhone with 4-inch display, and expected to be launch the new iPhone 5 with 4-inch display.


The 4-inch display measurement news came to us from the different cases’ makers around the world, who have plugged hundred of sources into the Apple’s team to exclusively know about the upcoming device like iPhone 5. The sources suggested the case makers that Cupertino giant is planning to release a next-generation iPhone with a 4-inch display, but now the Reuters presents the unbelievable report regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 that the device is to carry a slightly bigger display than any phone.

It is harder for us to believe, as we know Apple designs are more about the easiest usage of the device, and launching a new iPhone with such a bigger screen appeared to be not possible, but a change in the screen size is the significant change throughout the iPhone series, as Apple seeding the same 3.5-inch design from last 5 years on its iPhone series. Moreover, to Reuters report, the new of 4.6-inch display comes from a new source in the Korean Media with no track record in the past over the upcoming device’s rumors.