Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Replace iOS Spotlight With Web Browser On iPhone / iPad

Many of you may think that iOS Spotlight is useless, and only resources consuming section of the iOS, but to clear your thoughts regarding the Spotlight, let me tell you that iOS Spotlight is really awesome section for some users, who uses their devices for work, usually for bloggers, journalist, column writers. Do you want to know how it is useful for us, basically not only for us, even for you guys? We actually use the iOS spotlights to search content on our iOS devices, like contacts, emails, music and different application, notes on our devices. So for us, it works as a powerful search-engine within device, but may be for you it’s just useless.

However, to those who are bored with the regular iOS Spotlight, we have a new tweak launched in the Cydia that allows you to replace iOS spotlight with a web-browser. Yes! You can use it to browse through your favorite website. WebSpot is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that allows you to set a specific Web URL as the replacement of iOS Spotlight, so with this tweak, you can easily replace the spotlight, and whenever you access the spotlight by sliding the springboard, you will be greeted with the specific URL web-page. You can use this tweak for the couple of different concepts, like you can set up your own website as a home, or a countdown web page that keeps you updated regarding specific task, or you can set up online streaming web page. The tweak actually provides you a variety of options by bringing the web-browser to spot light.

WebSpot is a universal tweak, which means that it can be use on an iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. WebSpot is available for free in the default Cydia’s repositories, so you can easily grab the tweak for your device. It actually replaces the iOS spotlight with something really “useful,” it actually forces me to ditch the original useful spotlight feature of iOS, as I have coupled of different ideas to replace my spotlight section using the power of web.

What do you think? Any useful idea to replace the spotlight with web power?