Fri. May 27th, 2022

Remove The OTA Update Badge From Settings App With noOTA Badge

We have seen Apple has tried to kill out the dependency of the PC/Mac machines of its iOS devices with the launch of OTA updates on the iOS 5 to the iOS devices’ users. Over-The-Air updates directly lands on users devices and users can easily update their devices without any hustle of connecting and making connection with their iTunes on Mac/PC machine to update or restore their device, as well as OTA updates are much smaller in size than the previous versions of iOS.

Many users have liked the feature of OTA updates on iOS devices, but on the other side OTA updates come up with a big problem to jailbreakers and the jailbreak hack providers, maybe you have experienced the adventure of receiving OTA update of jailbroken device. As highlighted by Jailbreak hackers, users cannot download or receive any OTA update directly on their device using the default Appleā€™s OTA update method. However, the on the device receives a little popup badge representing the update of iOS core, indirectly makes the iOS dashboard a bit messy and more annoying.

In addition to all of this, jailbreak hackers warned users not to update their device to the latest version of iOS, if they want untethered jailbreak on their device. Currently at the moment, there are only A4 and older devices that are able to enjoy jailbreak on iOS 5 but only tethered mode.

However, there is tweak launched in Cydia with the name of noOTA badge that lets you to remove the badge from the on your device, and make your device less annoying on iOS 5. Actually, I can feel your pain of having been annoying badge on, as I am stuck with iOS 5 on iPad 2 and latest iPhone.