Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Reflection Lets You Mirror iPad 2 & iPhone 4S Screen To Mac OS X

AirPlay Mirroring is one of the painful features for the iOS device owners, and many of them are not aware of this feature because the feature is required addition hardware presence in the house to make it work. Apple introduced AirPlay Mirroring with iPad 2 announcement, and reportedly announced to be only work with the Apple TV set-top box to mirror your device layout on the bigger screen. While many users have quickly gotten the Apple TV to bring mirroring on their homes and offices, but still many are not aware of the feature and doesn’t want to spend some extra money on the addition hardware purchase.

However, with the beta preview of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has delivered the AirPlay mirroring feature to the Mac OS X operating system, but the developers out, there are much active than Apple, and delivered a cool application named “AirParrot” a day before, Mac OS X Mountain Lion beta preview. However, after the first application launched in Mac App Store with the feature, there is a new application launched in the Mac App Store called Reflection that brings the AirPlay Mirroring to the Mac OS machines.

Reflection is launched in the Mac App Store that brings iPad 2 and iPhone 4S AirPlay Mirroring to the Mac OS X systems with the couple of new features, and the improvement over the first application that was released in the Mac App Store, firstly for the Sn0w Leopard users. Reflection easily allows you to mirror iPad 2 and iPhone 4S screen to Mac OS X system including the mirroring of audio to Mac’s display system.

Reflection is appeared to be a strong application with all resources and grip over AirPlay protocol; the application is still in the beta testing but our first testing of the application really impressed us. With the use of Reflection, we can be easily able to mirror the YouTube HD Video, and Cut The Rope game interface that was recently launched for the Mac OS users.