Sat. May 28th, 2022

Redsn0w Updated To 0.9.9b4 With Auto-Detection Support For iOS 5 (Download)

Few days back Redsn0w was updated to 0.9.9b3 for the support for iOS 5 GM. In the previous version of Redsn0w you had to point out iOS 5 GM in order to Jailbreak for the first time on iOS 5 GM. Other than the support for iOS 5 GM, the tool also got the ability to boot Tethered with just one click.

Today the Dev-Team updated Redsn0w to 0.9.9b4 for those who wanted to test their own custom RAMDISKS using the -r command line option.

Update #12:  For those of you who experiment with your own custom ramdisks using the -r command-line option, version 0.9.9b4 adds auto-detection support for iOS5.  This is needed because iOS4 and iOS5 treat the root partition differently (it’s encrypted in iOS5).  redsn0w will now upload the correct iOS5 kernel by itself, but it’s up to your own launchd to determine if it needs to mount using the old or new partition scheme.

redsn0w now also accepts both native and img3-encapsulated versions of files you provide via the -r, -k, and -d command-line options (do redsn0w -h to show all the available options).

Well this seems to be for the Developers and Hackers of iOS. This update is for those who want to make their own RAMDISK for the Jailbreak for iOS 5. All they need to do is use the above commands and do the rest thing.

For a normal user, you can download this update as a new tool. You can download the tool from the link below:

Download Redsn0w 0.9.9b4 for MAC OS X

Download Redsn0w 0.9.9b4 for Windows

And thanks to Anass Najah for letting us know about the update.