Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Redsn0w RC16 Might Decrease The Battery Drainage Issue on iOS 4.3.3

Today we told you about the update which was made to Redsn0w RC 15. It was updated to RC 16 to fix the side button issue and some bugs were fixed. The main thing which was left behind was Battery Drainage Issues.

This issue was addressed by ion1c on Twitter.

i0n1c: by using the latest Redsn0w you also might decrease the battery drain.

The reason told by him was:

i0n1c: Process Priority was not restored after the kernel exploit. That might have caused some battery drain.

The Battery Drainage issues might not have been solved completely but it might have decreased by some %age. Those who have Jailbreaked with Redsnw RC 16 must know better.

This was about the Battery issue. What about the Error 3194? Did you resolved it? No. See here how to resolve it and update to iOS 4.3.3 and resolve this Battery issue.

Another major thing, most of you might have Jailbeaked with Redsn0w RC 15 and want to Re-Jailbeak because you want to fix Battery Drainage issues by sing RC 16. So it won’t affect your Device and Cydia. You do a RE-Jailbreak it is safe.

Did you Jailbreaked Untethered with Redsn0w RC 16 and faced less Battery Drainage Issues?