Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Hey folks many people are recently facing the Baseband locked thing due to accidental updates on to new iOS versions. Specially the owners of the iPhone4 are waiting for it’s unlock. They might have Accidentally pressed the button which is used to avoid in iTunes is called UPDATE. When ever the new iOS is out iTunes says you to update to it and without knowing you press the Update button due to which you are stuck.

So the simple solution is here. Recovery Guard.

It is a Tweak for Jailbroken iPhones,iPods,and iPads to keep you on a safe side. What it does is just fool out iTunes that your Device is on the latest Firmware even if you are on the previous one. No more accidental updates.

You can have a look on how it works and fool Apple’s Update server.

The latest iOS currently is iOS4.2.1 and it says iOS4.1. So you can be on the safe side and can avoid the UPDATE button.

To get this awesome Tweak you must be Jailbroken and the installation way is very Simple.


Open Cydia go to Manage Tab and Add this Source:

and install the above tweak from here called Recovery Guard and enjoy.