Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

RecognizeMe 2.0 Brings Much Improved Facial Recognition System For iPhone & iPad

Maybe many of you have been criticizing your iPhone or other iOS devices in front of your friends Android devices that carry a cool feature of face recognition unlock system along with their stock and tradition lock system on your device. Well, you don’t have to embrace in front of such friends and buddies, because the developer & team behind the first face-recognition unlock system for the iPhone is back with and this time they come up with the support of amazing new features and improvements to their system.

RecognizeMe 2.0 is launched in the Cydia Store with the support of latest iOS 5.0 and the iPad orientations. The new tweak is appeared to be much fast and intelligent than the older one. The new tweak uses the stock iOS 5 facial recognition system in order to create a Corel image framework on the device to bring the face recognition unlock system on iOS devices. RecognizeMe 2.0 is available in the Cydia Store with a new price of $2.99.

New RecognizeMe 2.0 is much intelligent than the older one, and capture frames much quicker than the older and the first recognition app, and also supports the new UI for the iOS 5 users. RecognizeMe 2.0 now features the auto-launch on the unlock button, and carry many informative graphics that inform you how the device is capturing your picture.  RecognizeMe 2.0 is for sure to use maximum hardware resources in order to provide you better results in the device.
• Detection system was revamped to use Apple’s iOS 5 facial recognition in CoreImage framework. This allows for better face detection, which means faster and more accurate recognition.
• New animations to show you how RecognizeMe see’s your face. Faster, better, and now an Auto-Launch on unlock button!