Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Rebel Sim Card Interposer is a Fake? [Proof] UpdateX2

First of All a million, hmm not a million that would be small how a ton thanks to Prerak Shah a member of our Facebook page shared some information about the Rebel Sim Card Interposer.

Before Prerak Shah 1 or 2 users reported that the Rebel Sim is fake, but i wanted a proof. So this man bought me a proof. This blog iphone4jailbreak has posted about the Rebel Sim that one of their user used Rebel Sim and it was found to be a fake.

Rebel Sim was said to be the Alternative of Gevey Sim, but the guy who ordered and got his parcel uploaded the proof that Rebel Sim is a big fake. Below is a pic by him and i spotted a difference between the Gevey and Rebel SIM which he forgot to mark.

1. Now if you closely examine the picture, the Black MICRO Chip of Rebel and Gevey are a way different. The Rebel one is Thicker than Gevey one. Which means it won’t fit into iPhone 4 tray or the slot.

Now see a closer look at the difference.

There is a huge difference between Rebel and Gevey Sim According to the pictures above.

2. Even the SIM card tray is not their own.WTF. o_0

This is the SIM Card tray they have shown on their website.

Now see the one that user had received.

What a big looser Rebel People.. 0_o..

3. With the picture below, the thing the person is trying to say is Lame.

Why it is Lame? It is Lame because it is understood that even if you try out Gevey Sim you need to cut the part of the SIM which is to come below the Black Micro Chip Adopter. So this part is totally wrong.

4. The user also had posted that he got some Foul words from the Chat. About the chat i would disagree because some part of the chat is missing. Like the first pic of the chat is shown from 7:19-7:25PM. Second Pic is shown from 7:21-7:28pm. Third one jumps to 7:53-7:56pm and the Chat ends. The whole chat should have been showed to see whose mistake is this and it is very easy to point a finder at some one else and forgetting that remaining 4 fingers are pointing at you.

At the end of the day, personally i still don’t believe this guy on some of his talks who showed the pictures. So if any one of you have received the Rebel SIM or have ordered and are about to receive the SIM, So please do provide your feedback on it.


We told you about the Rebel Sim Story which came to an end.


Now we got some more proof from a user who received her Rebel Sim Few days ago. A very big thanks to her for sending us the pictures of the Rebel Sim which she got from Rebel People.

Above is the SIM Tray of Rebel. It is same as shown above in the pictures. The name Gevey is Rubbed off.

Above is how the SIM looks in the Tray.

Above is the front side of the Rebel SIM Card. You can also see that the name Rebel is not so prominent and the most important thing, the feedback we getting from the users are not good.

So the choice is yours. Waste your money on ordering Rebel SIM Card or be on the safe side and buy Gevey SIM which is said to be working by many of the people and it is a legit one to buy.