Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Readability App Is Set To Launch For iOS Devices On March 1st

Most of you maybe already familiar with Readability services that transform the ad-filled content websites’ pages into simple and clean pages without any ads, and give an easy to read flavor template to the specific content in seconds. In the past, we have seen many rumors suggesting that the service is independently coming to the iOS devices in a shape of any iOS application, or in some other method, like all other big publications and services are using to approach the broad number of iOS devices without any limitation of Apple.

readability app for iphone and ipad
Readability is one of the most-used technologies these days by users who use to read content from the different kind of websites, and to keep their eyes away from nasty advertisement offers they use the service on the web to clutter out the messy portion of the website. Readability feature is already available in many famous iOS apps through the use of its live API in the applications by the developer; you can access and check the readability feature in Tweetbot and Mr.Reader app for your device. It is reported that the team behind the successful technology is successfully able to land its service independently on the iOS device, and soon going to launch its own application in the App Store for iOS devices.

Readability folks have just announced the launch of their upcoming exclusive iOS application on their official Readability website, and said that the application would be launched in App Store by March 1. Readability team has also previewed the service work on the videos, on which they have shown the service producing easy to read documents out of from messy ad filled webpages. Readability upcoming app is not only about the service exclusive landing on the iOS, it will also some additional features to enhance the service on your device, as it provides you an option to adjust the produced document text, fonts, and also includes the support of Twitter through which you can share your interested article with your friends on Twitter.