Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

QuickSiri Made Siri Responsive On Older Devices Like iPhone 4

Siri is actually already ported to the older devices, all thanks go to the talented developers in the jailbreaking community, who devoted their big time in cracking Apple’s protocols of Siri and made it available on older devices without hurting Apple legally. However, it was cautioned that Siri will not perform quickly searches on older devices as it do on iPhone 4S, and that’s because of the new powered full A5 dual core processor, but still many users are running Siri on their iPhone 4’s with the help of certain jailbreak tweaks like, Spire, and other tweaks.

But if you are one of those who are using Siri on older devices, and want to make it more responsive on older devices like the iPhone 4S, then you should have to check out the new free jailbreak tweak launched in Cydia. QuickSiri, is a new tweak launched in Cydia for older devices that are running Siri on their core services. QuickSiri allows you to launch Siri on your older device bit faster, as it bypasses the original layout of Siri and opens the Siri in full-screen mode, which actually boosts your Siri response on the older devices.

Earlier reviews about the tweak suggest that the tweak make the Siri much responsive on the older device, such as on iPhone 4 running Spire. The QuickSiri a light-weight Cydia tweak, which actually boosts your Siri speed by removing the sliding effect from your Siri, if the Siri full screen mode doesn’t matter you, then you may want to give QuickSiri a look. QuickSiri is available in ModMyi repo for free of cost.