Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

QuickComposer: A new Tweak for iPhone and iPad

The theme maker and iOS developer iHaz3 leaked out a preview of her very first Tweak for iOS 5. This new tweak called ‘QuickComposer’ can actually be used to write an email, text message, a note, a reminder or a tweet from your lock screen.

The dutch developer states about her tweak that:

It will be a app for Jailbroken iDevices. QuickComposer, the name says it all ~ this tweak for the iOS 5 Notification Center will allow you to instantly compose an Email, Text, Twitter message plus also create a new Note and/or Reminder. One swipe followed by one tap and you’re ready to compose, it’s that simple.

QuickComposer is compatible with:

  • Email : will take the user directly into the dialing screen (you will use the default mail account);
  • SMS : bring the user directly into the dialing screen to write an SMS or IMessage;
  • Twitter : will take the user directly to the screen composition of the official client for the iPhone;
  • Notes : takes you directly into the dialing screen to write a new note;
  • Reminders : bring the screen where the user can record a new reminder.

The final preview and release will be out when we see iOS 5 in September.