Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Puffin Browser Lets You Play Flash Content on iOS

Dude’s, you really have to look at this and also tell other guys to check this out because at last you can run Flash videos online, Apple didn’t developed anything but other developers can 😛 To get this down you will need your iDevice having iOS 4.2 or more than it. This new browser  have amazing features but main feature is just the flash playing content… You can just head upto Meta Cafe or any other video browsing site from your iDevice and just tap the video and go on with it and one more thing which will be exciting for people living in countries in which some sites are blocked because they can head up to those sites with out any proxy same as Opera Mini.

  • Render the desktop versions of web pages very quickly
  • Ability to use modern web app with total compatibility
  • Excellent work on both Smartphone tablet


The UI of this app. is really easy to navigate and you will be having no problem, just easy. You can get your freedom from here 😉