Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

PSP Got Pwned For Lifetime With Geohot Root Keys

Hey folks you heard us right. PSP the well known and mostly used hand console of Sony PlayStation is now opened sourced to developers. A well known Hacker GeoHot for the iPhone,iPod hacks also known as Drama Boy left the Jailbreaking seen after suddenly releasing Limera1n, the new Jailbreak for iOS4.1 and previous firmwares. Then He came up with PS3 Root Keys.

But who would have thought that by Geohot releasing the ‘Root key’ for the PS3, he would in fact be causing the latest PSP models to be fully opened to firmware changes and enabling ‘homebrew’ on it.

It was not long before developers found the PSP keys hidden away inside the PS3 console.

Wow, this just get better not only a major event to the PS3 scene but also now PSP scene! In EFnet IRC #ps3dev chat room, Mathieulh has revealed an info that could break the heart of all the Sony PSP department staff members.

< @Mathieulh> got the kirk engine keys
< @Mathieulh> thx sony xD
< +rck`d> psp crypto
< @Mathieulh> well it’s in ps3 but it’s psp keys
< @Mathieulh> I can encrypt/sign any psp apps now
< @Mathieulh> lol
< @Mathieulh> yah
< @Mathieulh> has drm keyz too
< @dwrfcrank> Davee: Hey I told you it’s a isolated SPU module >:O
< @Mathieulh> so you can make your own psn store clone
< @Mathieulh> on psp

The key important part of the PSP, the so called “Kirk Keys”, which is basically the small hardware crypto engine that is responsible for almost all aspects of the PSP’s security, including decryption of Eboots & prx’s, savefile and ADHOC encryption, and idstorage verification.

This is a great news for all those hopeless Fans of PSP who didn’t buy the latest model of PSP due to it was unable to hack, but now their is a possibility for the hack. So grab one for you self now and wait for the Modification to come.