Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

PS3 PSN Database Containing 2.2 Million Hacked Credit Cards is Now on Sale

Previously Sony was sued over the Hacked PSN for PS3 and now things have been gotten worse. Sony was offered a price for the Database by the Hackers and Sony said a Big “NO”.

According to some Flying Rumors on the new PSN hack the Hackers who have the Database of the 2.2 Million Credit Cards containing the complete information of the users which includes their Personal information, CVV Code and all the information needed.  Now  the worst thing is that all the 2.2 million working credit card numbers with the much-needed CVV2 code are being offered up for sale to the highest-bidder. The person to bid high gets the Credit card details and enjoy his life.

According to a Security Researcher in hostile times.

Sony was supposedly offered a chance to buy the DB back but didn’t #psnhack

Looks like Sony is not interested in buying the PSN Accounts back.