Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

PS3 Firmware 3.60 Has Been Jailbroken by Mathieu Hervais (Video Show Off)

It’s not being a really long time when Sony released the latest firmware version v3.60 of PlayStation 3 to cover the exploit of geohot which he founded and jailbreak the PS3, with this update of firmware version. Sony also starts the cracked down against the hackers by filling lawsuits. Also Sony claims that they will make a hack proof system.



Some days ago, we reported a hacker with name of Mathieu Hervais, claims that he found an another exploit in PS3 firmware version v3.56 and it works with all latest versions v 3.60, but sadly due to fear of Sony crackdown against the hackers, Mathieu tweets, he will never release the founded exploit to public.

On saying that he is not going to make the hack available for public, hacker receives a lot of comments on which people saying that this is not possible or the hacker is fake, so today hacker kick outs the video of jailbroken PS3 running on v3.60.