Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

PS3 3.55 Firmware Compatible HomeBrews

The following files, are 3.55 compatible and rebuilt with GeoHot’s tools. Currently, these homebrew packages only work on GeoHot’s custom firmware.

LuaPlayer Beta 2.0 LuaPlayer PS3 (2.11 MB)

SNES9X Emulator snes9x.rar (736.78 KB)

SNES9X Emulator snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-fw3.55_2.rar (4.35 MB)

fceuPS3 1.3 NES Emulator fceuPS3_1_3_fw3_55.rar (2.3 MB)

Comgenies_Awesome_Filemanager_For _Firmware_3.55.rar (1.49 MB)

Final Burn Alpha Multi-Arcade Emulator FBANext_355.rar (6.84 MB)

blackb0x FTP 1.2 ftpserver_12_355.rar (608.66 KB)

Genesisplus GX v1.1 Sega Genesis Emulator Genesisplus_GX_V1.1_355.rar (2.35 MB)

Mednafen Multi System Emulator mednafen355.rar (2.48 MB)

Open Manager 2.1 – (backups not working) openman2.1_3.55.rar (1.24 MB)

MultiMAN (backups not working) multiMAN.rar (1.73 MB)