Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Problems And Changes Found In iOS4.3b1 Runing On iPhone 3GS

Hey folks as we promised that we will post the bugs we found in iOS4.3b1 on iPhone3GS and we promised to post them up. The iOS4.3b1 is only available to developers.

So below are mentioned some iOS4.3b1 bugs.

Bugs In iOS4.3b1:

1. Scrolling lags

2. Closing the Applications Lag

3. Official Skype not working it crashes.

4. Going into network hangs.

5.  Cellular data while turning on hangs.

6.  While using voice over you cannot go back to Accessibility

This is Just a beta version. So if you are a developer so you can also post some bugs which you found in iOS4.3b1 on different iDevices.

Well the best thing for iPhone 3GS users is that the Baseband is will remain the same so need to wait for the Unlock. All you will have to wait is for Jailbreak, which will release after iOS4.3 is public.

And the changes we noticed were nothing new but in Youtube we found something new, and the Screen shot taking sounds are changed. These we founded in iPhone3GS running iOS4.3b1. Below you can see a screen shot of Youtube on iOS4.3b1.

And nothing new is there except it shows the Like thing in the Green color and home screen also got nothing new.

We will soon update you with iOS4.3b1 on iPod4 and changes in it and in Future we will also tell you our problems Faced on Future Betas.

So we hope these are the things which will be fixed soon.