Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

PrivateNotes Lets You To Send Secret Messages To AnyOne, From Anywhere

Sometimes we are in condition or background environment on which we want to hide our message from others who walking or seated around us. Mostly people in try of hide the screen of their device from others eye. But now no need to do something like this, because there is an app available in AppStore that lets you to send secret messages from your iPhone. The message which you sent to other end is only visible to persons who know the selected password.

PrivateNotes, is an app which lets you to write and send secret messages from your iPhone and iPad to send to other end. The process of application is quite simple, just need to write a note or message in app then assigns a password on it. Once all done, it will allow you to send the password protected note via Email. The written text will only show to person, in case he/she use correct password. If the entered password is wrong, then nothing will show to user.