Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Allen “Skip” A Popular iPod Engineer Died After Being Hit By A Truck (Report)

This week was not good for people at Apple in Cupertino because their popular iPod Engineer and six-year Apple veteran, Allen “Skip” Haughay was killed after he was struck by a truck in San Jose,California while ridding his beloved horse, Regal Bull.

The accident happened last Saturday when Allen was riding his horse Regal Bull for a party just a few miles away from his farm. On his way to the party he and his horse was struck by a Truck identified as  GMC’s Pickup Truck and Driven by Blaine Beck,50.

The driver Beck was driving normally told that he didn’t saw the Horse nor Allen in his way. When he sawed them it was too late to stop because Allen was traveling at late hour around 8:20pm, or dusk.