Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Popular iPad 2 Is No More Available

We have just heard from our twitter timeline that most famous iPad 2 Jailbreak aka JailbreakMe 3.0 by the Comex, who recently hooked by the Apple as intern, is no more. As the information directly comes from the head member of iPhone Dev Team, MuscleNerd.

JailbreakMe iPad 2

According to the MuscleNerd and Comex, the jailbreak is still there and will come back as soon as possible, the gone thing is its domain name “”. From the very first day of the JailbreakMe, the domain name was not under the governance of Comex, the domain was purchased by the twitter user @ConceitedApps.

Now after the departure of Comex from the jailbreak community, he might think to make some bucks for his own-self and he putted the domain on the GoDaddy for sale, and after few months finally the domain is sold to third-party (unkown). Back in July, at the launch time of JailbreakMe 3.0, Comex announces that he not know anything about the domain, and also the domain is not his. Everything is upto the domain owner, and now finally after months here the domain goes. At the time of reporting the domain name shows Steve Job’s famous black and white photo is all that is shown on the website.

But actually we don’t need to be sad, because Jailbreak Community ruler, iPhone Dev Team has announced that they will publish the jailbreak as soon as possible on the different name, as they pointed to