Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Polyonix: Let You Run Multiple App Side by Side On iPad Screen

Jailbreak developers already proved their self by introducing amazing jailbreak tweak which allow users to do, what is not possible. Today we got information from the user that a new jailbreak going to be released, which allow user to run multiple apps on iPad screen, side by side, means two or more apps on one screen. While reading the information I think that the new will be faked but later some time I heard the same news from other friend, and after it I think why not check the tweak by my self. Well I’m shocked while knowing that actually a jailbreak coming to cydia store soon with name of “Polyonix” by the Jailbreak Developer “Aaron Ash” and will allow users to run multiple iPhone designed apps on the screen of iPad, side by side.

Ash, writes:

Yes, and it actually works! I’ve wasted plenty of time already playing 2 games of Angry Birds at the same time. (I actually was playing 3 for a while, but it crashed when I tried to add a 4th). There are a few bugs, such as audio not working, and accelerometer events not getting sent to applications; it may take a while to sort these out.

If you have see the picture above, you might notice that this jailbreak tweak splits the iPad display screen into two and allow user to run multiple iPhone designed apps on the screen, while there is no words from the developers about the release of this jailbreak tweak, but it seems to be a great hit.