Wed. May 25th, 2022

Pocket 4.0.2 For Android, The Popular Tool For Clipping Web Content

Being a blend of user friendly interface and necessary features/functions, Pocket 4.0.2 is the great Android tool that makes web browsing all the more easier and efficient. Have you ever wanted to indulge in web browsing even when you have no connectivity to the Internet? If yes, then Pocket is surely the solution for you.

What is Pocket?

Earlier called as Read It Later, Pocket is the lightweight tool that helps the Android device users to save the web content effectively and to be used in the offline mode. The best part about the tool is that it is compatible with most Android devices and gadgets.

As it was earlier called as Read It Later so that you can read or go through the web content at a later time when not online, the developer of this tool renamed it to “Pocket”. Also, the interface was improved and enhanced considerably in order to make it look or appear to be user friendly and less sterile.

Benefits and features of Pocket tool

With this popular and much admired Android tool, you can easily add the web pages, videos, pictures, emails and others to Pocket. What more, you will be happy to know that it supports the basics such as Facebook, Twitter, Dolphin, Opera, Instagram and other browsers and sites.

It is further interesting to note that the tool provides great option for content clipping too. The two most crucial options that the users can tweak in the Settings section include the restricting of downloads to the Wi Fi and switching the user agents for optimization of the content for desktop or mobile viewing.

What you enjoy?

As you install Pocket in your device and create an account on it, you can surely start to add the web content or pages to it. There are in fact 3 main sources from where you can save the content. These include from the desktop browser, through the email and from the mobile browsers and applications in your mobile.

Easy to use

So, when you add the content, the tool builds the complete list of the previews of all web pages that you search for. The list that you get or manage with Pocket is easy to use and simple. Just tap the item that you wish to view and it will be opened up with ease.

Some amazing plus points about the Android tool include fast, light and easy to use interface. So, in other words, it can be said that it is fastest and simplest Android tool that is great for clipping the web pages in situations when you are offline.

Enjoy the tool on your Android devices

What is more interesting to note is that there is even the search box that lets the users find their saved items or pages by URL or titles. Recently, the tool underwent revamp so that it can be differentiated from the earlier version called Read It Later. Last but not least, the best feature of the app is that it offers the facility to the users to optimize the content as per their requirements and preferences i.e. the slider helps them to change the fonts, font size as well as the brightness.

So, go ahead and use Pocket 4.0.2 for your Android devices now.