Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

PlayStation Network (PSN) Is Successfully Restored And Back Online, But Only For Developers

After ages now we got good news from Sony, after lot of attacks by hackers PSN is successfully again online by Sony, but only for you if you are a developer. We have heard this from many developers that PSN is restored for them and now working fine for it, but we are waiting for solid proof. So here we have, post from a member of NEOGAF – gaming and games industry forum. The user saying that many of developer told him that PSN is successfully restored for them but only for testing purpose.


Okay, so this was mentioned in the old thread by a QA tester and since then I have had other developers confirm to me that this is the case. The internal PSN developer network is online again, at least it seems for some, although things are still a bit shaky at the moment such as lack of new account sign up.

Looks like the full network, at least the online play/account part of it, will be back soon.

Well, this is really good news for users who are madly waiting for the PSN and as well as good for Sony, because after facing several attacks by hackers they successfully managed to restore their system atleast for developers. On the other side, Sony had already said before that they will restore PSN before the end of May.