Tue. May 18th, 2021

PlayFace, The Photo Booth Of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

After the release of next gen iPad 2, we come to know about its several new features and apps which impress the users to buy it and Photo Booth is one of them who amazingly get interests of users not only of iPad 2 owners, but also the owners of other iOS devices. As we know, this Photo Booth software app is come up as a stock application in new iPad 2. So to get it on other device we have to wait for Apple to release an update of iOS which includes the app of Photobooth for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But now thanks to the team of PlayFace, who developed an alternative to Photo Booth which works on all other devices and provides same features like Photo Booth.


Playface has numbers of effects which you can apply on the images of faces to make fun of from them; also it allows you to record video and apply effects on it to make more fun from it. PlayFace is available in the Pro version in AppStore, which contains all the possible features which we have described above, also it available in free version with some fewer features.