Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

PlayBook Updated to BlackBerry Tablet OS v, With A Gift Of Battery Drainage

Last week the BlackBerry PlayBook got it’s third update which included the following

  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
  • Video Chat

And after that people started to report about the decreasing of battery life quickly, any user who uses any handheld device wants a longer battery life and people mostly buy the device providing you the longer battery life it means no one wants update except BBM

BGR says

but it also appears to have had a substantial impact on battery life, possibly reducing it by 11% or more.

To keep the flow of market RIM replied

Users accept the new license agreement for video chat, which may drain the battery if left unchecked.

And then users said

Neither proposed solution has has an impact on the weakened battery life, however.

Again reply of RIM which made everyone quiet

After upgrading the BlackBerry PlayBook Software to 1.0.3 then restarting the BlackBerry PlayBook, the battery drains faster than normal or the battery level fluctuates irregularly…The BlackBerry PlayBook battery can be retrained by fully discharging and fully recharging the battery a few times.

via [CIO]