Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

PhotoSync Let You Sync Pictures & Videos Over iOS Devices

Apple has already introduced an elegant way of transferring pictures and files from one device to another using the Apple’s latest iCloud service “PhotoStream.” Apple introduced the new PhotoStream as a plugin service of their new iCloud backup service, which allow users to transfer their files and pictures automatically all around the other devices, including Mac OS and Windows Machine computers.

However, it appears that Apple has left out the support for Videos in their PhotoStream and iCloud, because maybe they won’t want to fill up their iCloud Data Centers with the 1080p videos shooting sleeping cats or other things,  but this argument seems to be valid. So still sharing video from one device to another is still impossible and requires some extra efforts of the users, on which they have to firstly connect their device with iTunes and then transfer files on another device, but still it seems to be a big pain for users.

Well, here comes the new PhotoSync for iOS devices with the aim to provide you a protocol to share videos and pictures using the latest wireless technology from one device to another. The app fills up the gap of iCloud and PhotoStream, lets you to transfer files all around the devices even allows you o upload videos on Dropbox or other services. The application provides the really easy way to transfer files from one device to another, all you have to download the app on devices and just run it on all devices.


PhotoSync is available to download from AppStore for $1.99


All transfers are done over your Wi-Fi connection, so keeps that in mind when moving huge video files between iDevices. If you’re happy with Wi-Fi iTunes syncing, chances are you’ll be fine with this, too.