Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

“PhoneitiPad” Let You To Convert Your iPad into iPhone, Released In Cydia

Few days ago, before the launch of iOS 5 we have shared news of new jailbreakFaceitiPadtweak which turns your iPad into a full working iPhone, and let you to receive/send calls and text messages right from your iPhone. The tweak is a project of the team of iPhoneIslam, who recently kicked out an amazing tweak named “Faceit3GS”, well the guys made it and now the tweak is available in Cydia to convert your iPad into a full working iPhone.

According to the developers, this tweak will convert your iPad Wi-Fi +3G model into a full working iPhone and allows you to make calls and send or receive text messages on it.

We are already in the process of writing a brief review about this tweak, in the meantime if anyone of you got his/her hands on it, please feel free to share with us at admin @ freakgeeks.com.


In the end you need to buy this Service to run on you iPad. We didnt got iPad 3G+WIFI so we didnt bought the service.

Special thanks to Leon Digidude for sharing the Hands on Picture with us of PhoneitiPad.

Hands on: