Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Permanent Unlock Solution Of iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G Basebands By CutYourSim (Jailbreak Not Required)

As we all know there was currently no free of cost software based unlock solution available to unlock iPhone 4 basebands by iPhone Dev Team. We have also already shared some hardware based unlock solutions, which were available to unlock iPhone 4 Basebands on all iOS firmwares. Many of us also know about some website who provides you unlock but as we know they was totally fake, but now today we got website who really unlock your iPhone 4 without any jailbreak and use of hardware, they come up with another way to unlock your iPhone, they need IMEI and model of your device, than with in some seconds they unlock your device remotely.

CutYourSim, is a company who claims that they have permanent official unlock solution for your iPhone’s and their provided unlock will never goes with any up-gradation or restoring of iOS firmware on your device. iPhone Dev Team has also verified this unlock solution to be legit.

The most surprisingly thing is, this way of unlock does not void your warranty. For this unlock of iPhone 4 baseband you have to pay $169 to CutYourSim.

Also check out what MacStories says about this unlock:

Apparently, someone at CutYourSim found a way to “whitelist” devices by adding IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers to Apple ’s own database —something that of course isn’t possible unless you have access to the aforementioned database. Which leads us to think Apple might soon find a way to block the service — but, then again, we don’t know all the details behind Apple’s IMEI database so we can’t judge right now. It is possible, however, that the procedure involves accessing the IMEI database from a carrier ’s online backend.