Wed. May 25th, 2022

People Pays For Service That Adds “Sent From My iPhone” Signature To Messages

No doubt on the Apple’s iPhone popularity in the world, and as well as on its highly valued price tag. iPhone and iOS devices are always highlighted as rich man devices, because of their costly price tags than other devices present in the market. Well, we are also familiar to those fans, and people around ourselves who wishes to have iPhones in their hands, and seen many unexpected accidents just because of the iPhone. But we have never seen such idiots and crazy people who pay to providers for just to add a single signature of “Sent from my iPhone” to every message they send from their phone devices.

We are not joking there, according to a report from China, couples of service providers just joined the market and start offering epic services in which they add a signature of “sent from my iPhone” to every message sent from the user’s device. Just like us, you might also go crazy to know about the reason behind all this stuff, and the reason is they can’t afford real iPhone because it is too much costly for them, and therefore, they are now using such services that add a little signature of an iPhone to their every message.

The people who are using such a kind of services through their service providers are mostly the member of QQ, the world’s largest messaging tool, and the biggest medium of communication in China. Almost every third person has the account of QQ in China; the QQ is just like a Facebook for the Chinese users. Most of the users who are using this mind-boggling service are not rich enough to purchase an iPhone from their monthly salary or pocket money, and therefore, to leave a cool impression on the other person they are now using such a kind of services.

Actually, to enable this service on every message, the users reveal their id’s and passwords to the service providers and completely allow them to access their contacts and messages without even informing the user.


via Gizmodo