Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

People holding an Android device are been recorded via GPS as iOS 4 devices

A weird thing which just came days before that was the tracking of iDevices on above iOS 4. There moves were been recorded via GPS and it was identified by Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, but this time the news is new but the actions are old. An Android holder and a developer Magnus Eriksson is the person who was identified that Android devices are also been tracked.

The thinking which lead him to research

Following the latest days internet outrage/overreaction to the revelation that iPhone has a cache for its location service, I decided to have look what my Android devices caches for the same function.

This is a quick dumper I threw together to parse the files from the Android location provider.

After a bit of research he got a file in his device named as “cache.cell” (it can only be obtained in rooted devices). This file contained the latitude and longitude of the travelling + the time

$ ./ cache.cell
db version: 1
total: 41

key accuracy conf. latitude longitude time
240:5:15:983885 1186 75 57.704031 11.910801 04/11/11 20:03:14 +0200
240:5:15:983882 883 75 57.706322 11.911692 04/13/11 01:41:29 +0200
240:5:75:4915956 678 75 57.700175 11.976824 04/13/11 11:52:16 +0200
240:5:75:4915953 678 75 57.700064 11.976629 04/13/11 11:53:09 +0200
240:7:61954:58929 1406 75 57.710205 11.921849 04/15/11 19:46:31 +0200
240:7:15:58929 -1 0 0.000000 0.000000 04/15/11 19:46:32 +0200
240:5:75:4915832 831 75 57.690024 11.998419 04/15/11 16:13:53 +0200

After all the research Magnus Eriksson came out to develop an application same as the one which was developed for iOS 4 devices i.e iPhone Tracker. This application is used to show your locations which are tracked. The application for Android by Magnus Eriksson is not yet kicked out.


After all the main news, we would like you to know about the way how are you tracked……………. Okay, first of all as the developers of the iPhone Tracker described how is your data stored was the way when your coverage was forwarded to your PC/MAC and you use to look at your coverage on PC/MAC, but how your data is covered is below by Magnus Eriksson

Then it can use this info (via triangulation and weighting based on each cells towers signal strength etc) [to] get a rough estimate of it’s location.

Now we will describe you in easy words…. As you know some application ask you to connect to Internet that’s when the game starts, when your device get’s connected to Internet it means it has connected to your specified carrier’s cell tower and the tower get’s your location in hand easily, until the time you are connected you are being recorded but when you go off at that time also you get connected but are not paying (Main thing to be taken in notice is when you connect to WiFi then what happens)

This is just not for Android and iOS 4 holders, according to our thinking the people who are holding a Symbian or Symbian^3 device are also been tracked because when ever you launch a game or application they also ask to access internet O_O