Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Pegatron To Manufacture iPad 3 For This Year Launch, Also 15 Million iPhone 5

Few days ago we have reported you about the iPad 3 and reported that Apple is seeking for manufacture to develop its iPad 3, because Apple thinks after the incident in Foxconn, they are not sufficient to provide minimum number of units until end of the year to launch the product. Therefore, they are seeking other companies to build the iPad 3, finally an exclusive report comes from the Taiwan Economic News report, which claims that Pegatron has exclusively got the contract from Apple to built iPad 3. The report claims that Pegatron won from the Hon Hai the owner of Apple’s famous manufacturing partner.



The report also claims that Pegatron has started work on iPad 3 to meet the requirements of Apple for the launch of device in the end of year, they also claimed the Taiwan based manufacturer also gained the order from Apple to manufacture 15 Million iPhone 5 units for this fall launch. On the start, it was expected that Foxconn will manufacture iPad 3, because recently they tried to convince Apple that they have power to produce iPad 3 lonely.