Wed. May 25th, 2022

Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs With New Stevi Siri’s Icon Theme

We have seen many different folks out there claiming to be the biggest fan of Apple’s long-time CEO Steve Jobs, many iOS lovers around the world have paid tribute to him in many different ways some made sketches and many other things like leaving a note on the Apple Store walls for the Steve Jobs, and much more countless things happened there just for the legendary Steve Jobs.

It appears that a theme designer just got some time to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, and while using Steve Jobs introduced iPhone and other iOS device. The theme designer comes up with a new handy tool for the folks present with the jailbroken status on their devices. The designer calls himself a monkeystyle, and approached a different way to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. He designed a simple microphone icon replacement for Siri on the jailbroken devices, and launched a new tweak in the Cydia that let you replace Siri’s default home icon with a detailed silhouette of Steve Jobs.

Stevi Steve Jobs Siri

He released a theme named Stevi for the Siri’s microphone, which replaces the original Siri’s microphone icon with the detailed silhouette of long-time Apple’s CEO; the theme is actually come in different color ranges for your device, like you can different colors: red, blue and purple. The new Siri theme also works with the Siri processing animation that represents the Siri while taking voice input from the user.

However, the theme tweak is appeared to be a great gift for the Steve Jobs lovers, and for surely many of you going to grab it from the Cydia Store. But before going to grab such tweak from the Cydia, let me discuss its drawbacks, first of all, it requires Winterboard on your device to work, and secondly, it costs you a $1 on Cydia Store. Well, this price going to be a pain for yourself, and therefore, we have already search for the tweak on some free repo, and it is available in the ZodTTD repo.