Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Password Saved, Indian Microsoft Store Hacked

After Sony, It’s Microsoft. Microsoft’s India store got hacked today by some Chinese team “Evil Shadow Team” but I can say either the hacker is brave or mad. I think he is brace he published the image in which the email address is provided and when you will search it on Facebook you will get him out.


WPSauce claimed that the hacker got the password saved in the plain text. After the hacking went live, Microsoft took over the server and now its offline. The file which uploaded on the server was ‘evil.html’ which shows “Unsafe system will be baptized”. The password got saved by the hackers and were shown by HackTeach afterwards.

There was no reason prescribed by the hacker.. The last major hack which we saw on air was of the Sony in which the PlayStation Network was hacked and there passwords at that time were saved too. The profile of the hacker is here and for the research thanks to Dheeraj.