Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

PassTouch Brings Multi-User Browser Privacy To Shared iPad

iPad is the perfect alternative to netbooks, and to all those bully laptops that eats alot of energy on the usual basis. Mostly people are now looking forward to put iPad as their main device to connect with internet, and many users have already shifted their lives to the iPad era. However, the iPad OS is a perfect operating system for the tablet, as it offers maximum amount of privacy and security on the tablet platform but still it misses a large number of needed features that appeared to be the big obstacle in the iPad’s new height of popularity and usage among the users.


One of the main downside of the iPad OS is that it does not support any multi-user settings, and this thing makes it a single user device and becomes the big obstacle for the iPad users. iPad is widely popular among the users around the world, and not everyone is eligible to purchase its own iPad device for the personal use. Most of the users shared their devices with family members, and other friends in the same field, but giving a single-user device to some other person is just like giving a control of your privacy to someone.  But sometime ago, we have seen an application on iOS that aims to bring a little functionality of connectivity with internet for multi-users on the iPad.


We know many users use their iOS devices to connect with Social network sites, and a shared device with such connected social network is a big pain of privacy, but the developers out there solved out the problem with a launch of application for iOS devices. However, there are still many things open to other in single-user interface, like the web browser, notes, bookmarks and further history things.


Passtouch is a new web browser application is launched in the App Store that is especially designed for the iPad users to bring multi-user web browsing capabilities on the shared iPad device. It protects your web-based used information like stored passwords, bookmarks, cookies sessions, and other auto-fill options. It is a cool looking application that allows you to safely browse what you want on your device without being highlighted in someone’s eye.


Passtouch also provides the option to different users to select their own environment that is protected from other users on the same device, as well as the browser is not only designed for registered users but also for the guests.