Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Partially Assembled iPhone 4S Leaked In Wild? (Photo)

Few hours back we reported you about the leaked iPhone 5 with A5 Chip which was also partially assembled. Now it seems that what was believed to be an iPhone 5 is actually iPhone 4S with A5 Chip in it.

Now macpost reports that the leaked image was not of the iPhone 5, indeed it is iPhone 4S. They shared a picture on their website showing the front panel of the leaked image which was shown before.

This photo clearly reveals that the Photo is the same as before.The front side of the photo is same as the iPhone 4 which reveals that Apple is planning the same transition like iPhone 3G into iPhone 3GS. This photo also reveals the same battery which is a 3.7 V, 5.3 Whr battery delivering 1430 mAh of charge.

The photo above is the front side of the old photo which is shown below:

In the previous report J.P Morgan Analyst predicted that Apple would be shipping iPhone 4 Plus and iPhone 5 this year. Still it is very early to say any thing about what will be coming and what won’t be coming. Apple is planning to for a Press Conference on October 5. So we can see over there that what Apple is up to.

If any how Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5 this year, so the leaked cases suggested a thinner and big design of the upcoming iPhone 5.

To sum up all things in one sentence, October, iOS 5 and the upcoming iPhone are around the corner. So just wait for few weeks and the result will be in front of you.