Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

OtterBox: iPad 3 Cases Are Ready To Hit Market

Once again, the case’s makers are now entering in the market with their sources ideas regarding the iPad 3 design and size, just like last year on the rumored launch of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. We have seen thousand of case’s concepts from different vendors claiming to be carry the actual and fit cases for your device even before the actual launch of the device. This year, just right before the actual launch days start, we have been reported by a case manufacture that they have done with their iPad 3 cases series, and the cases will be available in the market right from the first day of iPad 3 launch in the market.

Otterbox – the case manufacturer company has sent an out couple of reports to the media-related members to list their report on their publications under the exclusive availability of the iPad 3 cases, and as they have already given them a name called “Defender.” According to the cases’ maker, the cases listed under “Defender” for iPad 3 will be available in the market from the very first day of device launch. Otterbox even has initiated a program to inform the users on the arrival of these case’s availability in the local stores near to them, you can also subscribe to their email alerts right from here.

We are pretty unsure about the quality and compatibility of the cases with the actual device, as the device is still unknown to the world and only few persons know about the actual depth design of the iPad 3. It is for surely a big risk for the cases maker company to start manufacturing cases even before the launch of the device, just to compete with the market competition. Otterbox just betted their reputation and money on the iPad 3 cases, just to earn the badge of exclusive availability of the iPad 3 cases in the market from the company.