Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

OS X Mountain Lion To Be Launched Today in WWDC 2012

If you are a technology freak and are looking up to knowing what new is happening around, then Mountain Lion has take up all news these days. Mountain Lion OS comes with various new applications that look a bit familiar to iPad, iPhone as well as iPod users.

The latest OS X

The Mountain Lion OS X comes just after 7 months after OS X Lion release, the operating system that sought to join many best features of the iOS with best facilities of OS X. This unification now continues in OS X Mountain Lion that is being touted as the upgrade to the OS release of the previous year.

What all to have in it?

Just like Lion, the Mountain Lion provides various feature add-ons that seem to be identical to the iOS users. The latest OS X release also continues the philosophy of Apple to bring the iOS features back to Mac and thus includes Reminders, Twitter integration, Notification Center, Notes, iMessage, Game Center as well as AirPlay Mirroring.

Features to enjoy

Notes and Reminders look just like they seem to do on the iOS. Thanks courtesy iCloud syncing, they can display the data which shows up on mobile devices.

Mountain Lion even brings the options for limiting the types of applications users can actually install. Even though there are no mountain lion in China, Mountain Lion OS X adds the list of features to communicate to the users in the nation that is the largest growth opportunity for Apple.

More benefits

With the OS X Mountain Lion, same things are happening to the previously launched OS. All features of the iChat are there still however the application has now been renamed Messages and supports iMessage that has been integrated with FaceTime.

Apple Is going to launch OS X Mountain Lion today in WWDC 2012 conference.