Sat. May 28th, 2022

OS X Mountain 10.8 Launched In Mac App Store for $19.99

Apple has released its earnings report for the quarter ending June and what has come as a surprise package is the announcement that the OS X Mountain Lion will be available to the users from tomorrow. However, the release will exclusively come in the digital Mac App Stores and the new OS will not be sold on USB sticks or optical disks.

Pricing and Availability:

The price of the new OS X Mountain Lion has been pegged at $19.99, which is a drop of $10 from the earlier pricing of OS X Lion of $29.99. Users will be able to download the Mac OS 10.8 through Mac App store on one machine and will then have the ability to do the installation, via the purchased app feature, on as many as five different Macs. The update of the system update will be available to Snow Leopard users along with the Lion Users.

It had been earlier speculated in the markets by a number of sources that Apple could be coming out with eth OS X mountain Lion on 25th of July, a day after it posts the earnings report. A lot of retail sources had confirmed that Apple was planning on holding the product-indicative overnights on 24th of July.


According to Apple, OS X Mountain Lion will be including more than 200 new features, which includes Notification Center, Air Play Mirroring, Notes and Reminders App, Game Center, enhanced integration of the increasingly popular iCloud . Along with this it will also have an improved Safari and mail, Apple said.
Among the other features, that have been included in the new version of the OS include, Facebook and Twitter Integration and voice dictation.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, in his statement said that the company was thrilled with the performance for the quarter ending June and had recorded sales of as many as 17 million iPads in the quarter gone by. He also added that they had updated the entire MacBook line and will be releasing the Mountain Lion tomorrow and iOS 6 was a definite in the Fall. The firm is also looking forward to a large number of amazing products that they have in the pipeline, he added.