Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

OS X Lion In FullScreen Mode Apps Render Your Second Monitor Useless

Since the WWDC 2011 keynote, we have covered several articles about the new features of iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion but didn’t find anything which we describe as a down thing in Mac OS X Lion, well today our search got complete thanks to tipster. The bad news is for you, if you are using dual monitors with Mac OS X, than you may just be disappointed while using it. Because according to the tipster, while running Mac OS X Lion and entering into full screen-mode with an application, Lion will render your second monitor useless.

Instead of providing you full screen on dual monitor, it will come up with Apple’s famous linen wallpaper on the second monitor. Do not lose your hopes from the Mac OS X Lion; because this is the beta version not the final, and Apple may change these settings in the final version.


For the record, if you place an application with fullscreen capabilities onto your secondary monitor, and then hit the full-screen button, the application will be shunted to your primary screen, then maximized.