Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Brings Location-Based Reminders With 2nd Developer Preview

While Apple has already borrowed the number of iOS features to its new Mac OS operating system versions, starting with the OS  X Lion, Apple slightly porting couple of iOS features and UI elements to the Mac OS X, and then earlier this year with the first developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion, they highly ported number of features and notification center of iOS to the new-generation operating system.

With the new Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, Apple has already ported the iMessages, notification center, Twitter Integration, Reminders app like features in the new operating system. It is now reported that Apple has now updated the OS X 10.8 with some location-based features, like we have on the iOS devices that allow us to note done couple of reminders on our devices, and let them to remind us whenever we reached the place. In the first developer preview, there were no location-based reminders support in the Reminders app in OS X 10.8.

It appears that with this new interesting location-based reminders option in the of OS X 10.8, the Mac OS running device will automatically track its location using the connected Wi-Fi network across the country, and alert you when you arrive at specific location, and work exactly like an iPhone and iPad.

With the new OS X 10.8, Apple deeply integrates the iCloud into the operating system, and the new is also capable of syncing the reminders from Mac to iOS devices using the same iCloud account on different devices. It works very well, when you create a reminder on your Macbook using the latest OS X 10.8 and it automatically syncs on your different devices like the Apple’s iTunes automatically download option and Photo- stream.